Joomla! & WordPress Extensions & Plugins to make your life easier

Sharing some useful tools, extensions and plugins that we use to build and manage our WordPress and Joomla websites.

Lightweight and optimised without the excessive bloat that you might see in some other plugins.

Some of Our Plugins & Extensions

Google Analytics for Joomla

Extensive integration of Google Tag Manager & Analytics for your Joomla website. Control how Google Analytics works along with other essential Google website tools.

Hotjar Integration for Joomla

Install, configure and you’re done. HotJar working on your Joomla website within minutes.

HubSpot Integration for Joomla

By far the easiest way to get Hubspot working and integrated on your Joomla website.

JobAdder Integration for WordPress

Integrate Jobadder into your WordPress websites. List your job ads on your website, collect resumes and much more.

Latest Docs & Learning Resources

With the upgrade of our new website, we’re now have a new learning resource library and support exclusive for our subscribers.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for Joomla

Google Analytics 4: Joomla! Step by Step Installation & Config Getting Google Analytics 4 setup and installed on your Joomla website. Google Analytics 4 is a complete upgrade of the analytics suite with a whole new user interface and ways of tracking your users compared to the older Universal Google

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