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Hubspot Integration for Joomla

This plugin is a quick and easy way to integrate Hubspot into your Joomla website.

It installs the necessary tracking code that allows you to enable features such as live website chat, website analytics, and user tracking.

Simply download the plugin, install it on your website, configure and enable and you're done!


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Google Analytics


This is the downloads section for the Google Analytics plugin for Joomla. You will see both FREE verions and PRO versions here if you are a member.

Scroll down and please download the latest version of the plugin for all of the fixes and features that Google keeps rolling out in its analytics.

If you don't have a PRO account, please subscribe for PRO to gain access to the PRO version of Google Analytics for Joomla.

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CoinPayments for Akeeba Subscriptions

Download area for CoinPayments for Joomla Akeeba Subscriptions

Free 7-day Subscription

Subscribe for a free 7 day, no support subscription to access and download the plugin.


Paid Support and 3-month Subscriptions

Paid subscriptions may access future updates and support.

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Media Elements HTML5 Player


MediaElements is a HTML5 media player that is commonly used on many websites online.

Lately you will also find it in all WordPress websites by default as the MediaElements player was integrated into the core of WordPress.

This plugin gives you a similar experience and helps you easily integrate in the MediaElements player into your Joomla website.

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Quick and easy integration of the Statvoo integration code for your Joomla! website.

Simply download and install on your Joomla! website. 

Enable the extension and you're done!

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