Do you hate reCaptcha and want to use an alternative that is a little bit more accesible that that really hard to use one by Google.

Textcaptcha is a perfect alternative to reCaptcha.


How it works and the logic behind it all

Textcaptcha for Joomla

Instead of throwing up images that are really really hard to see and read, textcaptcha uses logical questions such as, "What colour is the green ball" or "In the number 8087602, what is the 4th digit?".

For some people this is still an issue especially if you don't know english or have cognitive issues understanding the question but this is still a better alternative in most situations compared to that of image based ones that are near impossible to see or read. If accessibility is an issue for your website, you may not want to use any captcha at all on your site to allow impaired users to use the website with no blockages.

Demo? Want to see this work?

Sign up to Niche Extensions as a registered user so you can see how it works.

Installing the thing

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Browse to extension manager in the administrator area of your website, and choose upload to install the plugin.

Navigate to the plugin manager and search for 'textcaptcha'. The plugin should appear. Click to load the options of the configuration.

Set the plugin to enable and then enter in your Textcaptcha API key which you can optain from

Once the plugin has been enabled and configured with an API key, you will have to tell Joomla to use the 'textcaptcha' on your registration form.

Navigate to user manager, and click on Options.

The options menu will appear for user registration, for the Captcha option choose "Textcaptcha for Joomla". If the option for it doesn't appear in your list then you may still not have the plugin enabled on your website. Go back to the plugin manager and make sure that the plugin has been enabled.

Download TextCaptcha

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