Google analytics

This is the Google Analytics plugin for Joomla. It allows you to quickly and easily install the Google Analytics code needed to get your website tracking with Google Analytics.

You may not have the technical knowledge in regards to modifying your website's templates, or you're using a templating framework that makes it difficult to work out where to place your Google Analytics code, this plugin will help you install it in the correct position, with the correct formatting for verification and get your traffic tracked.


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MediaElements is a HTML5 media player that is commonly used on many websites online.

Lately you will also find it in all WordPress websites by default as the MediaElements player was integrated into the core of WordPress.

This plugin gives you a similar experience and helps you easily integrate in the MediaElements player into your Joomla website.

This plugin allows for the integration of the Live Chat Inc embedding code on a website as a plugin. The original implementation provided by, LiveChatInc is developed as a module and as Joomla implementors and developers, we feel that a plugin is a better method of implementation compared to that of a module.

If you agree then this is the perfect solution for you.

You will need a subscription to this plugin from LiveChatInc itself to be able to use this plugin.

This plugin is merely a connector for the services at LiveChatInc to be integrated and installed on any Joomla website.

CrazyEgg for Joomla

Quick and easy way to implement the code for the CrazyEgg user tracking software into your Joomla website. 

CrazyEgg is a great way of gathering user statistics in regards to how users are using your website.

So you use SobiPro like we do but need it to work with SH404SEF? We'll we've created a plugin to make that work.

The issue with SobiPro is that not everyone likes how the default search engine friendly URLs work, or site implementors are combining other content construction kits with SobiPro and need a cohesive search engine URL structure and management area.

This is plugin helps combine the two and helps control your SEF urls.

Quick and easy way to integrate Statvoo for your Joomla! website.

Sign up to Statvoo and list your website, the just install the plugin on your Joomla! website, turn it on and you're done.

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About Hubspot

hubspot features


Hubspot is an amazing marketing tool that allows you to create and verify leads on your website to pipe through a sales funnel. The system is perfect with a great user interface, a huge array of features, built-in CRM and best of all, a free tier to get started.


About Hubspot Integration Plugin for Joomla

This plugin is a quick and easy way to integrate Hubspot into your Joomla website.

It installs the necessary tracking code that allows you to enable features such as live website chat, website analytics, and user tracking.

Simply download the plugin, install it on your website, configure and enable and you're done!


Upcoming Integrations

Shortcode for lead generation forms. This will help you embed Hubspot forms on your Joomla website.

When? When some more people ask for it. Only One person has asked.


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coinpayments joomla akeebasubscription

This plugin allows you to accept cryptocurrencies via CoinPayments system on Akeeba Subscriptions for Joomla. 

It allows for a quick and easy setup that works similar to how PayPal works


You will need an account with CoinPayments to be able to accept crypto to your account. If you sign up with our affiliate link, we get 25% of your transaction fee, which turns out to be very small as the transaction fees are 0.5%. -


  • Install the plugin,
  • configure your secret key to match up with your CoinPayments Secret key and
  • then enable it for your subscriptions in Akeeba
  • Configure CoinPayments to accept the currencies that you want to accept and you're done


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  • Unlimited websites installs forever

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Premium Installation Service

Premium installation service and support

Need help with one of our extensions or just want us to take care of what you're trying to do? Subscribe and purchase an installation service and the team here will install, configure and test our plugins and extensions on your website.

This is limited to 1 website and 1 domain name for the CoinPayments plugin. This also includes a 3 months access to CoinPayments for Akeeba Subscriptions plugin.



  • $120 Once off fee
  • 3-month download access & updates
  • Unlimited websites installs forever
  •  3-month Email support
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Comments, Reviews & Questions

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Quickly download and install the Hotjar plugin on your Joomla website to get the awesome SaaS platform working and tracking your Joomla website.

Make sure you firstly signup for a Hotjar account. It's free.

Then simply download the plugin, configure and start gathering the most amazing analytics you could possibly have for any website.

Read over the documentation for the Hotjar plugin to help you install and get started with Hotjar.


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Comments, Reviews & Questions

Comments, Reviews & Questions

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