So you use SobiPro like we do but need it to work with SH404SEF? We'll we've created a plugin to make that work.

The issue with SobiPro is that not everyone likes how the default search engine friendly URLs work, or site implementors are combining other content construction kits with SobiPro and need a cohesive search engine URL structure and management area.

This is plugin helps combine the two and helps control your SEF urls.


How it works and the logic behind it all

Example site:

Local Market Guide is a market directory based in Sydney, Australia that lists all of the markets that are in and around the Sydney region. It covers as many markets and as many different stalls as possible.

The SobiPro area of the site is divided into three areas.

  1. Markets
  2. Stall Holders
  3. Farmgate experiences

Each of these areas are created as SobiPro sections. Within each of these sections are the categories and within the categories you will find the entires which all can have multiple assignments to different categories within a section. (Was that last sentence confusing?).

Essentailly an entry can be listed into multiple categories.

This plugin for SH404SEF uses the SobiPro aliases for the sections, categories and entires to create the search engine friendly URLs that you find in SH404SEF.

It will create the structure:

  • Section
  • Section/Category

but will give each listing or entire a top level URL 

  • Stall name = /stall-name

This is because a stall (entry) can exist is multiple categories. If we were to give an entry muliple URLs based on all the categories that they are listed in. 

  • category1/stall-name
  • category2/stall-name

Then we will start to see duplicate content that Google will penalise you for. Of course you can use canonical URLs to manage all of this but it is painful to manage for websits with over 1000+ listings and each listing being in 2 or more categories. It means 2000+ entries to fine tune.


Installing the thing

Installing the plugin is different to installing any other Joomla plugin or extension. 

This one you have to FTP into the plugins folder of your SH404SEF installation. If you are unfamiliar with FTP or are not comfortable with it, then I suggest you contact your web developer or someone with the technical knowledge to help you out in this case.

Once you have logged into your site via FTP, browser to this file location

and upload the plugin into that folder.


SH404SEF will automatically detect that it now exists and start routing SobiPro URLs accordingly. If you have already generated URLs via SH404SEF for SobiPro, you may have to purge the existing ones and let the extension generate then again according to the plugins definition.


Free to download

We no longer provide active support for this plugin so you are free to download without a subscription.

Leave a comment if you want to know anything about the plugin.



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