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Google analytics

This is the Google Analytics plugin for Joomla. It allows you to quickly and easily install the Google Analytics code needed to get your website tracking with Google Analytics.

You may not have the technical knowledge in regards to modifying your website's templates, or you're using a templating framework that makes it difficult to work out where to place your Google Analytics code, this plugin will help you install it in the correct position, with the correct formatting for verification and get your traffic tracked.


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Google Analytics plugin for Joomla! allows you to add in the required Google analytics code for Joomla! without the need to touch any code within your website. This is the perfect plugin for someone that doesn't want to deal with any code on their websites.

Download, install and configure on as many Joomla! powered websites as you like. The simple version of this plugin is FREE and so is Google Analytics. 

This has been updated to work on Joomla! 2.5 and Joomla! 3. Also works with both the older asynchronous Google Analytics and the newer Universal Google Analytics tracking.

Quick Overview



Asynchronous integration
Universal Integration
Webmaster tools verification via meta tag
User ID tracking
DirectMonster link social link attribution
Google Remarketing & Demographics
Force SSL Connection
Enhanced in-page analytics
Anonymous IP Tracking
Subdomain track
Multiple top level domain tracking
Sample rate adjustment
Set cookie timeout
Site speed sample rate
Visitor timeout cookie

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Free Features

These are the features that are found in the free version of the Google Analytics plugin and the PRO version.

Google Analytics Universal and Asynchronous code

The plugin allows you to choose between Google Analytics Universal code or the older Asynchronous Google code. By default we recommend that you use the Universal code on all new websites. The plugin will automatically display the Universal code.

Inserting the Google Web Property ID

No need to mess around with code or templates, just grab the Web Property Id from Google Analytics and copy it into the field in the plugin management. Quick and easy way to setup and get your website tracking.

Google Web Master Tools Metadata Verification Code

This is an option extra thing that you can do to hook up your website to Google Web Master Tools. This service from Google allows you to track all sorts of website stats, keyword searches, crawling issues that Google maybe having and much more. We highly recommend that you do have this set up.

Pro Features

These are some of the awesome features that Google Analytics allows you to enable and track on your Joomla! website. Upgrade to Pro for these features.

User ID

User ID feature allows you to track logged in users on your Joomla! website. When a user is browsing on multiple devices, Google Analytics will count them as separate sessions. Having the user id tracked with the sessions allows you to track them together as one session and better understand what you're users are doing on the different devices, how they are using your website or application on mobile and how they are using it on a tablet or desktop.

Enhanced In-page Analytics

-In page analytics allows you to track user interactions with various pages of your website. Getting a better understanding how users are clicking through your website and what call to actions are working is so very important. Enabling this allows the click tracking through out the site.

Adwords Conversion or E-commerce Tracking

If you're using Google Adwords or Conversion Tracking, you can use our analytics plugin to enable this feature and track your conversions from Google Analytics and flow through your website.

Setup your Adwords campaigns, create a conversion tracking, define the success/conversion url in the plugin and add in your conversion tracking code.

Direct Monster

DirectMonster is a third party plugin from LunarMetrics that allows you to get a better understanding or your analytics from social media and campaigns. DirectMonster helps makes sense of the traffic that comes from social media. Find out more about DirectMonster from Lunar Metrics.

Remarketing & Demographics

An important part of marketing, especially when you're paying for Google Adwords or other forms of online marketing. Remarketing allows you to drop a tracking cookie on your user so that your Google ads will appear on other display network websites. If a user visits your website, they may only purchase or convert to a paid conversion the third or fourth time they visit. Being able to remarket to them allows you to keep your brand in front of mind of these users.

Force SSL Connection

For e-commerce stores or any website that has an SSL connection, you will need to be able to force Google Analytics to connect via an SSL connection. This option in the plugin will allow you to either force the connection or simple let Google to connect they way it thinks it should.

Anonymous IP Tracking

In many countries, anonymous IP tracking is mandatory. To help protect user identities and usage online, Governments require tracking details to be anonymous. Enabling this feature helps meet the requirements of these Governments.

Multiple Subdomain Tracking

If your website is placed over multiple sub domains then being able to use the same analytics code and tracking system across them will allow you to track your users across the different sub domains. e.g or

Multi Top Level Domain Tracking

If you have a network of websites that have different domains such as different country domains, e.g.,, .at, .de, .it etc, this option will let you track the traffic over all of the websites using the same tracking code but differentiate what traffic is what and where users are on your site network.

Sample Rate

 Not all of your traffic may be sampled and this can be changed in Google Analytics. This option lets you configure the sample rate to suit your website.

Cookie Timeout

 By default, Google's time out for Google Analytics is set to 30 minutes. For some situations you may want to change this, For example, if you're on a website that has hour long movies then it should be set to something more than an hour to accommodate those users and the type of content on your website. This option will allow you to accommodate for this type of usage and content.

Site Speed Sample Rate

This defines site sample speed rate. This can be changed so that it better suits your traffic. 



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