Google Analytics Joomla! & Google Tag Manager

Frustrated trying to work out how to get Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager working on your website? Our little solution works on just about any Joomla website. With over 70,000 downloads to date!

Get Google Analytics Joomla or Google Tag Manager installed on your Joomla! website. The quick and easy way and get Google Analytics & Tag Manager working for you!

Download, Install & Configure Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager on Your Joomla! Website

Google Analytics for Joomla

This is the Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager plugin for Joomla. It allows you to quickly and easily install the Google Analytics tracking ID code needed to get your website tracking with Google Analytics. For the more advanced users, it allows you to also setup Google Tag manager.

You may not have the technical knowledge in regards to modifying your website’s templates, or you’re using a templating framework that makes it difficult to work out where to place your Google Analytics code, this plugin will help you install it in the correct position, with the correct formatting for verification and get your traffic tracked.

Without good analytics on your site, you will not have a good understanding of where your customers  are coming from, how they are using your website or where to best spend your marketing budget to get the best ‘bang for buck’ or conversion rate for your business products or services.

Use our Google Analytics Joomla plugin on your website to get tracking within minutes. Download the plugin, install it onto your Joomla site and configure it with your Google Analytics tracking ID or Google Tag Manager container ID. That’s it!

Choose between the best of both worlds and use Google Analytics or/and Google Tag Manager on your Joomla! website.

What is Best for You?

Get started with Google Analytics Joomla FREE for Joomla or upgrade to PRO to unleash more potential and levels of customisation!

We’ve packed the bare essentials in the Google Analytics Joomla! FREE version. It really should be enough to get you started but if you want some fine granular control of how Google Analytics works on your website from user tracking or  anonymous IP tracking to comply with GDPR laws then the PRO version is perfect for you.

Joomla! 4 Ready!

We’ve tested and have our plugin working on Joomla! 2.5, 3 and the latest BETA version Joomla! 4.

It’s simple, lightweight and easy enough for us to adapt to how Joomla changes in the future.

Updates & Support

Get access to updates and support for Google Analytics Joomla. We update our plugin as soon as new features are released from Google to let you take advantage of them.

Our team can also provide a professional Joomla installation service where we will install and configure Google Analytics Joomla on your website to start tracking users with Google Analytics.

Read all of our Google Analytics Joomla plugin documentation.

Subscription Plans

Get the FREE version for ever or select a subscription level to get access to the PRO version of the Google Analytics Plugin

or subscribe

1 Month Access

1 Month of updates & support
$ 4
  • Download access
  • Access learning resources (coming soon)
  • Email support

3 Month Access

3 Months of updates & support
$ 9
3 Months
  • Download access
  • Access learning resources (coming soon)
  • Email support

12 Month Access

1 Year of updates & support
$ 19
1 Year
  • Download access
  • Access learning resources (coming soon)
  • Email support

12 Month Access

1 Year of updates & support when paying with crypto currencies
$ 15
1 Year
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  • Access learning resources (coming soon)
  • Email support

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Understand Your Analytics

Access our regularly update analytics video libraries to get a better understanding of your website data.

All subscriptions get access to not only the integration plugins but also our ever expanding resources to better understand and improving your traffic and conversions.

Change Log for Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager FREE

Version 5.0.0 PRO (25 January 2021)
– Improvements and checks for Google Analytics 4 and changes to Universal Analytics

Version 5.0.1 FREE (1 October 2020)
– fix for users that have case sensitive servers

Version 5.0.0 FREE (7 September 2020)
– Complete rebuild using Google Site Tag method. Asynchronous and universal methods now removed as Google no longer can guarantee it will work.
– Optimised code
– Features, webmaster tools verification, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager implementations
– New update server

Version 4.6.4 FREE (29 May 2017)
– Clean up code and checked for PHP 7.1.x compatibility

Version 4.5 FREE (10 February 2015)
– Optimised code output
– Optimised the functions itself to under 100 lines of code

Version 4.5.1 (13 December 2014)
– Added enhanced in-page analytics for Universal analytics
– Code clean up a

Version 4.3 (14 September)
– Added new direct download URL and update URL for future updates.
– Allows you to install Google Analytics via the Joomla admin area

Version 4.3 (13 May 2014)
– Updated for Universal Google Analytics Display Marketing/Remarketing feature

Version 4.2
– Added Google Analytics conversion tracking

Version 4.1 (22 March 2013)
– We have completely rewritten the plugin to work better and be more optimised for the new Universal Google Analytics.
– You now have the option of choosing between the older Asynchronous Google Analytics or using, the newer Universal Google Analytics.

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