For quite awhile now, Google Analytics has had a BETA version of the Universal code for tracking visitors to your website.

The enw code was better and more dynamic in what it tracked allowing for market segmentations of your users on your websites, mobile apps and much more. User tracking has never been so advanced.


The new changes are slowly being rolled out in our version of the Google Analytics plugin and we are allowing for backwards compatability just incase you're still using the old code still.

Over the next month or so you should be seeing new additions to the Google Analytics Plugin for Joomla as we add in more and more features to keep up with the ever changing analytics market.

If you haven't upgraded your Google Analytics account yet, that is where you should start.

How to Upgrade your Google Analytics Account

Login into the backend dashboard of your Google Analytics account.

Click on the admin link at the top of your screen.


There at the top of your admin screen you will see a message prompting you to upgrade your account to using the Universal Analytics Upgrade Center. 

Navigate to that area and start the process of upgrading and being able to track so much more.

If you have any questions in regards to Google Analytics or our plugin, please don't hesitate to ask.

 You can read more about the new Universal Analytics from the official Google Analytics blog.





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