Universal Analytics breaks out of BETA

For quite awhile now, Google Analytics has had a BETA version of the Universal code for tracking visitors to your website.

The enw code was better and more dynamic in what it tracked allowing for market segmentations of your users on your websites, mobile apps and much more. User tracking has never been so advanced.


Google Analytics Pro 4.3

We've been notified by a valued client at Dogdish Technologies that the Universal version of Google Analytics has updated and the display advertising/remarketing is now available.

As a result, a quick update in version 4.3 for Universal display advertising for Joomla!

Enjoy and thank you Shane for letting me know.

New Google Analytics Pro V4.1 Released

We've just released the new Google Analytics Pro for Joomla. It covers EVERYTHING that I could find and add into it.

It covers both the current Asynchronous and Universal versions.

Website Rebuilt

We've gone through a full rebuild of the website and have recreated the entire system with a new file and downloads system.

All existing subscriptions will be honored. If you have any issues please let us know.

Universal Google Analytics Now Updated

We have now updated the free version of our analytics plugin to start using the Universal code that Google is now pushing out.

You can now download the free version and install it on your Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3 websites.

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