Google Analytics 4: Joomla! Step by Step Installation & Config

Getting Google Analytics 4 setup and installed on your Joomla website.

Google Analytics 4 is a complete upgrade of the analytics suite with a whole new user interface and ways of tracking your users compared to the older Universal Google Analytics. The main benefit is being able to track users on both website and mobile apps using the same tracking codes.

Getting the new tracking property working on your Joomla site is easy and already works with the existing release of Google Analytics for Joomla.

Installing Google Analytics for Joomla

We have a complete guide to installing the Google Analytics plugin for Joomla in our Resources area of our website. Simply follow the basic steps of installing the plugin as you would any extension for Joomla, and then navigate to the configuration page for the plugin.

How to Setup a New Google Analytics 4 Account

If you have not signed up to Google Analytics before, start with that process at the Google Analytics website.

Follow the steps to setup your account and create a new tracking property.

How to Obtain Your Measurement ID and Configure the Plugin

Log in to your Google Analytics account and click on the Admin cog on the bottom left of your admin screen.

This brings up the admin screen where you can create new Accounts, Properties or Views.

Google Analytics 4 setup assistant and tag installation
Click ADMIN -> SETUP ASSISTANT -> TAG INSTALLATION and then WEB as your tracking type for Google Analytics 4

Click on, SETUP ASSISTANT under property and then click on TAG INSTALLATION and choose WEB since we are setting up the account for website tracking.

Google Analytics 4 measurement ID
Find your Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID in the top right of the screen.

A new screen will appear with your Measurement ID in the top right corner. Copy this to configure on your website.

At this point you can simply pass this measurement ID on to your web developer or web manager who may be looking after your website. Otherwise you can continue with logging into your website and configuring the Google Analytics plugin.

Configuring Your Joomla Google Analytics Plugin with Your New Google Analytics 4 Measurement ID

Log into the administrator area of Joomla and go to EXTENSIONS -> PLUGINS and search for Google Analytics. Just typing in “Google” is enough.

Searching for Google Analytics Plugin
Search for the Google Analytics plugin for Joomla under Extensions -> Plugins.

Click on the plugin name System – Google Analytics to load the plugin configuration screen.

Here you will see a few tabs from the plugin overview, description and instructions tab and the ootions tab.

Click on the OPTIONS.

Google Analytics options config screen
Enter your tracking ID or measurement ID to start tracking

In the field for Google Analytics Tracking ID, paste in your Measurement ID that was obtained from your Google Analytics account.

Click SAVE AND CLOSE and you’re done.

Testing Your Google Analytics Installation

To ensure that what you have done is all working correctly, we should test to see if there is any real time traffic flowing to your website.

Navigate to the frontend of your website and click around on the site to trigger Google Analytics. Loading the frontend of your website should be more than enough.

Navigate back to your Google Analytics account in a different browser window or tab and go to the Real Time Analytics screen.

Google Analytics 4 Realtime analytics
See live traffic to your website via the Google Analytics Realtime screen

You can see from the screenshot that there is currently one lonely visitor on my website, which is me. Good to know just how popular this site is :).

Debugging Your Issues with your Google Analytics for Joomla Installation

If you’re not seeing any traffic here in the Realtime screen, it might be worth trying a few Chrome Extension tools that will help debug the issues.

This Chrome extension will display all the Google related tracking codes that are being triggered.

Google Tag Assistant Chrome Extension
Debugging Google Analytics issues using the Tag Assistant Chrome Extension

This will help you debug if you’re tag is being fired at all.

If you don’t see your tag appearing, then there may be an issue with the implementation.

If you can see the tag firing here, check that you have the correct tracking ID or measurement ID associated with the account that you are using in Google Analytics.

If you find our plugin useful, please feel free to leave a rating and review on the Google Analytics Plugin page on the Joomla Extension directory.

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