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Joomla Integration Guide

Overall documentation for downloading, installing and configuring the plugin for your Joomla website.

Google Analytics Joomla Overview

This step by step guide will take you the setup and installation of GA Universal or GA 4 with the Google Analytics plugin for your Joomla website. Whether you’re using the FREE or the PRO version, this is a complete guide to take you through it all.

You won’t need any coding skills or extensive knowledge on managing Joomla templates which can widely vary from site to site.

Many of the template frameworks such as Gantry, Warp, T3 and many more have unique ways to add in the Google Analytics code to their templates. As easy as it may be, it isn’t consistent on all sites. Documentation for one Joomla site to install Google Analytics can different to another. Having a consistent way that will work on all Joomla sites makes it just that much easier and consistent for all users trying to install Google Analytics.

An overview video

This video will take you through the basics of the how to install Google Analytics for Joomla via the FREE plugin. Video runs for 9:36 minutes and takes you through all the steps.

How to install Google Analytics Joomla integration plugin?

Installing the Google Analytics Joomla plugin to enable analytics tracking is quick and easy. It only takes a few minutes to do and test. These are the instructions that will take you through the process of downloading and installing the plugin onto your Joomla site and configuring it to start tracking your stats and site visitors. 

Firstly, you need to download Google Analytics Joomla plugin, create an account and choose free version.

Login and Install the Plugin

Once you have downloaded the plugin, you will need to log into the backend of your Joomla website.


Login with your username and password to proceed with the installation process.


After downloading the extension on your computer, login on the Joomla administrator

When you login,

Go to Extension -> Extension Manager

This will take you to the Extension Manager screen of your Joomla website where you can install components, modules and plugins for your Joomla website to extends its functionality.

The Extension Manager screen should appear as below.

Install Joomla extension

And click the “Choose File”. This will bring up the file browser allowing you to upload the plugin that you downloaded in the previous step.

Locate the file that you download. It should be name something like this:

Once you have located the file click ok and then click the UPLOAD & INSTALL button to upload the plugin to your website and have Joomla install it.

When everything is okay you will see the message above “Installing plugin was successful”, along with some helpful information in regards to what to do next.

upload success

Congratulations, you have just installed Google Analytics for Joomla!

After you have installed the plugin, you will have to enable and configure it.

Enable and Configure Google Analytics Joomla

Now that you have installed the plugin, you still have to enable and configure the plugin in order to get it working and tracking on your website.

You will need to get your web property ID from your Google Analytics account in order to add this to the website.

Firstly, navigate to the plugins manager in Joomla,

Go to Extensions->Plugin Manager

This will bring up the plugins manager screen where we can filter down and configure the plugin.

Search for Google analytics in the filter and you should see the plugin appear. Click on it and ENABLE the plugin.

Google Analytics Joomla

When in the plugin you should see a few options.

This is where you can add in your web property ID from your Google Analytics account and choose which version of the code to display on your site.

NOTE: you can only choose the version that you have setup for your Google Analytics account.

If you have setup your Google Account for Universal Analytics then you can’t use the Asynchronous code on the plugin and vice versa.

Choose one when you setup your account and you have to stick with it.

Advanced features in Google Analytics Joomla! Pro

The pro version of the Google Analytics Joomla plugin allows for many advanced features. These advanced features allow for advanced tracking and fine tuning of the plugin and how Google Analytics works on your website. You can subscribe to download the plugin where you will get access to updates and support for the plugin.

If you’re only interested in getting a general number of stats and visitors to your website then the advanced features may not be for you.

These are the current advanced analytic tracking features that the PRO version of the plugin supports.

  • DirectMonster social tracking
  • Remarketing and demographics
  • Enhanced in-page analytics
  • Anonymous IP tracking
  • Tracking on Subdomains
  • Tracking on Multi top level domains
  • Sample rate
  • Set cookie timeout
  • Set site speed sample rate
  • Set visitor cookie timeout

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