Google Search Console Verification with the Google Analytics Plugin for Joomla

Google search console verification is quick and easy with the Google Analytics plugin for Joomla.

Google offers a service called Google Search Console to monitor certain aspects of your website from its health, overall coverage of your site in Google, URL inspection, Sitemap inclusions, core web vitals and much more.

This is far beyond what Google Analytics does and should be used hand in hand to get the most out of your site.

Setup Your Google Search Console Account

To get started, you will need to sign up to Google Search Console – .

Start the process by adding your site. You will be presented with two options. One will require you to have DNS access to your domain and add in a validating txt entry to your DNS. The other will allow you to have multiple alternative ways to validate your domain, including a HTML header tag, which is what our plugin allows for.

Choose the second option with URL Prefix. Enter in the exact URL or your domain. You will have to take into account if you’re using www or not. All domains should be using a security certificate and be shown as secure with https in the domain. Your final domain may look like this, Enter that into the input field for the URL Prefix option.

google search console prefix option

Choose URL prefix and type in the exact URL of your domain with the full prefix

This will load the validation methods.

google search console verify ownership

Choose HTML tag verification method

Choose the HTML Tag validation method. This will give you a small snippet of code to copy to the plugin in Joomla.

This this example, the code that we copy is:

The only bit that we need to copy to the config screen of the Google Analytics plugin is what is within the content part of the code.


Copy that part to be pasted into the plugin configuration.

Configure the Google Analytics Plugin with the HTML Tag

Navigate to the administrator area of your Joomla website and then go to Extensions -> Plugins.

joomla extensions plugins

Navigate to Extensions -> Plugin to manage your plugins

Then search for the Google Analytics plugin by typing in “Google” into the search box.

google search console google plugin

Just search for “Google”

Click on the Google Analytics plugin name to load the configuration screen.

joomla google analytics html tag

Be sure to only paste the content string into the input field for the Google HTML tag code

In the Google HTML tag code field, paste in the content code that you copied before.

Remember, this isn’t the complete HTML tag that Google provided but just the unique content part of the tag. This is to avoid the pasting of malicious HTML content in the config screen.

Click ‘Save and Close’ and you’re done.

Google Search Console Verification

Go back to Search Console dashboard to complete the Google Search Console verification.

Google Search Console Verification

Checking validation may take a moment

If all is well then you will be able to see the Search Console Dashboard for your website.

Google Search Console Verification Issues

If the verification fails then you will see an alert message stating that there is an issue.

google search console ownership failed

Validation errors are always clear so that fixes can be applied

It will give you a clear issue as to what the problem maybe. In this case, I had done additional optimisation to the website and ‘accidentally’ made the header code load in the footer area of the website, outside of thetags of the website. Your reason may differ but Google Search Console will give you a clear reason as to what went wrong. Correct your error and try again.

If you still have issues and can’t get things working, please don’t hesitate to contact us for more support and help.

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