Just a regular update for everyone in regards to the subscription system and the downloads management on this website.

For that past 6 months I've given T-Downloads, the extension that I have been using on this website to manage my subscriptions and downloads a good trial. It was in reaction to finding out that AkeebaSubscriptions would no longer be supported and perhaps now a good reaction.

There are some certain features within AkeebaSubscriptions that I was hoping would be copied or rolled out into T-Downloads such as the XMl update manager so that you, my customers, would automatically get the updates from my repository.

Anytime a fix or security update is done, you will be notified within your Joomla site, but alas T-Downloads didn't go down that path and I decided to switch back. 

AkeebaSubscriptions is still being overall maintained, and thats the important bit. Only the payment options have reduce but that doesn't effect myself only using PayPal at the moment to accept payments. 

So at this point in time, I'll be maintaining the instance of T-Downloads for anyone that has a current subscription but no new purchases will be made through that. There isn't a clear and simple way to migrate all of the data of the subscribers across unfortunately. I may attempt it but it is a bit more work than it is worth at the moment.

For all new subscriptions, they will go via AkeebaSubscriptions.

Thanks in advanced, all of these improvements will help deliver a better service and extensions for you.




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